Mongooz and the Magnet

A young Norwegian/Irish/Hungarian band that has suddenly captured the heart of the Hungarian music scene.

Mongooz and the Magnet

A few years back a Norwegian and a young man from Ireland moved to the south of Hungary to learn medicine. After teaming up with a local drummer, they formed a threesome that in its first 2 years has already performed in cities and festivals across Hungary, Germany, UK, Romania and Ireland. After finishing university, with songs on national radio and attention building they threw caution to the wind and stayed in Hungary and became full time musicians.

– Play groove-heavy hendrix-pop
– Two of the members are actually doctors. Took the logical route and stayed in Hungary to become full time musicians.
– Guitar/double bass/drum trio.
– Double bass player bought an upright bass 3 years ago and taught himself in 3 months.
– Three members are from NORWAY, IRELAND and HUNGARY
– Reeperbahn official performer 2016.

– Tallinn Music Week 2018 selected artist
– Played at all major Hungarian festivals.

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